Video Premiere: The Soundbyte – 'Solitary'

Avant garde metal group The Soundbyte — helmed by former The Third and the Mortal guitarist Trond Engum — are treading dark waters in the new video for “Solitary.” Drawing from ambient, progressive and post-rock/metal and enhanced by ethereal vocals, The Soundbyte craft songs that sound massive, aided by the dark visuals from the accompanying video.
“Solitary slit and tear us,” The Soundbyte tell Decibel. “Beautifully distorting in character, it forces us to through all there is, all there was. It makes us witness our decay within and that of our surroundings twisted and formed by our choices. The album Solitary IV´s title song is moments of battling a haze of disturbing solitary. Intentionally discomforting, the song is aesthetically arranged with signature guitars, expressive drumming, contrasting string arrangements and tenderly raw vocal performances.
“The song describes distorting solitary in a near future dystopia accompanied by Snorre Hovdal’s compelling visuals.”
The Soundbyte will release their fourth album —aptly titled Solitary IV— on June 30 via Temple of Torturous. Buy it here

Video Premiere: The Soundbyte – ‘Solitary’
Video Premiere: The Soundbyte – ‘Solitary’

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