Interview with Fate Unburied

Hi! Tell me about your band and what kind of previous experience do you have as musicians?

Hi everyone! We’re Fate Unburied, death metal band from Italy. We’ve been playing together from several years, but at the same time we’re very young: we published our first Lp “Logos” last March via Sliptrick Records and this is the only album we’ve got. Previously we used to play with a different line-up, with which we published a self-produced Ep called “Dehumanized Society”, you can still find it in our official channels.

Why did you pick your band name? How did you form? Why did you decide to play the genre or genres you do?

“Fate Unburied” is taken from Foscolo’s sonnet “To Zakyntos”, of which a verse has been crippled. We immediately loved it because it can have a personal meaning depending on how people interpret it. Perhaps this vision has been also taken up in what we play. We find it hard to be labeled in a single genre: we have so many influences that sometimes are also very different. Our music comes out spontaneously, we try to better reproduce our feelings and our first lp “Logos” represents a starting point for all this. Certainly we will deepen this with the aim to create an increasingly personal sound, so that when people will listen to us they’ll recognize us and will not confuse our music with other bands of the same genre.

What can you tell us about your latest record?

“Logos” speaks of a Greek philosophical concept according to which everything is regulated by a single universal law. Starting from natural phenomena up to human behavior, everything follows “logos and necessities”: the songs in this album analyze human behavior by relating it to this law. On the other hand, listening to Logos you can perceive the various influences that we have as single musicians and which we put together to create this album. We range from the classic death/thrash metal to more modern influences; we tried to mix things up without making everything look like a simple riff-coarse, but giving order according to our taste and our way of seeing things. For us, also instrumental music it’s of particular importance: in facts, there are 3 instrumental tracks in this album.

What the kind of album feedbacks are you waiting for?

We just want people to listen to us and try to understand our work. It’s obvious that someone will like it and others less, especially when you compose something more studied and less impactful. We are pleased when after playing live people get to congratulate us saying “Even if I do not listen to your kind of music, I liked you!”; for us this means a lot, it means that we are able to transmit certain emotions in a rather effective way and there is nothing that makes us happier. Now we are still at the beginning, but we hope

Are you gonna to make some world tour in the future? Do you think this is available for everybody option to tour around the globe? What do you think band have to do to get such opportunity?

Surely, we will do it sooner or later. We already have some contacts that can help us. However, we are not in a hurry to do so: nowadays it has become very important to make fans also in the web. For now, we are worrying about advertising on social media and playing around in our country. When it will come the moment for a tour, we’ll try to use it to the fullest. There are many people who offer you to play in their countries, but often this means playing in pubs or not very popular clubs, that only help you show your name around. Going on tour is a beautiful experience, part of us has already faced it and had a lot of fun. We must be careful to organize it in the right way, because especially in these times it is not so easy to deal with a similar expense!

Do you believe in heavy music scene without money?

No. There’s nothing for free and nobody gives you anything. Nobody has ever come to us to offer us money to advertise our music and we think that nobody will ever do it. Like all things, music requires investment, and by saying this we are not referring to the pay-to-play, but to the investments that a band has to face to build their own scene. Unfortunately, it’s always annoying seeing certain bands play where they should not do it, and you understand that the world is made for the rich and the clever. For sure we will continue to commit ourselves, a step at a time we’ll succeed to reach a beautiful goal!

What do you think about online music sharing? Do you ever give your music away for free? Why?

We were amazed to discover that the very first day our lp “Logos” was out, there were already sites that offered it for free download. But how? Are we so famous that everyone wants to download our album? All of this makes you understand that nowadays online music sharing is inevitable, and it is the natural consequence of the hugeness of the band in the world together with the unstoppable development of internet. For us this is not a big loss, indeed being at the beginning it represents an advantage for us, giving us more visibility and allowing people to listen to our music more easily. Surely, for those who live by music is a huge loss of money; it’s a problem that needs to be resolved in the future, to make sure that bands and musicians can get real money from what they do.

Who are your musical influences? Have you ever think your band could be so famous as your favorites?

As we said before, our influences are many, each of us has its own. Nevertheless, we all agree that our music is inspired by bands such as Cynic, Carcass, Meshuggah, Gojira and so on (we usually do not go into this topic to prevent people from classifying us rigidly). Probably one day we’ll share the stage with them, who knows! It would certainly be the experience that we all expect!

Do you have a formal music education? Do you think it’s a Kind of important thing?

Yeah, we all studied music even if at different levels. We think it’s fundamental that a musician has an initial setting from which he can then develop his own creativity.

How do you balance your music with other obligations – mate, children, job?

We are mainly still students, not all of us has already a job: the time we manage to devote is enough to deal with things without too much stress. Probably one day it will become more difficult to reconcile everything, but certainly the time that we will dedicate to this project will not be less: what each of us wants is to make it a job, and, fundamentally, it will always be our main passion. We are a family now.

How do you handle mistakes during a performance? Or you can assure there are no any mistakes during your gigs? Do you get nervous before a performance or a competition?

We certainly do not assure there are no mistakes during our performances. Simply when they come, we continue to play to avoid making things more evident. We are committed to giving a good performance every time. Now we are practical to get on a stage and play for fans, we are not nervous at all, indeed the idea of playing live always gives us the charge!

What’s next? Thank you!

Soon we will publish our first videoclip, so keep following us in our official channels!


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