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15 music videos you won’t believe are 10 years old

With each year comes the gift of new and wonderful music from up-and-coming musicians, music veterans and most likely T-Pain featured on a new hip-hop track. Even with this in mind, some songs are timeless and stick with us forever, even if it’s been 10 whole years since their release. Just like nerd glasses and fringe boots, these songs were all the rage in 2008, but unlike those fashion trends they did not and will not go out of style.

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Panic! At The Disco – “Nine In The Afternoon”

The Panic! boys have blossomed right before our eyes into Panic! men. From Pretty. Odd. to Pray For The Wicked, we have been blessed time and time again, and Brendon Urie’s voice makes our eyes and hearts the size of the moon.

Fall Out Boy – “I Don’t Care”  

Let’s hear it for America’s suitehearts: Patrick, Pete, Andy and Joe to be exact. This music video is packed with nuns, nuisance and just a bit of nudity- the holy trinity.

The Maine are everything we have asked for and so much more. The band rocked the white and gold look for Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, and we can’t say we don’t miss it, but red is certainly a fitting color for them in 2018.

The Cab – “Bounce”

The Cab’s Whisper War was iconic back in 2008. Alexander DeLeon collaborated with Patrick Stump and Brendon Urie on this album,  DeLeon has since moved on to his own project Bohnes and you can check that out here.

The All-American Rejects“Gives You Hell”

This breakup anthem has never gone out of style, and even if you are in a great place, it’s still the perfect way to pump yourself up for the day. And the truth is, we miss you, and we’re not lying.

Weezer – “Troublemaker”

Weezer have been giving us hit after hit, and one song that remains timeless is this one. No matter our age, we all like a little trouble and an edgy Rivers Cuomo. Check out this video if you want to see the band break five Guinness World Records. We’ll give you a hint: One record involved pie.


This duo have been blowing up the music game since 2008 with this stellar hit preaching an age-old lesson. Trust these “vegetarians,” as they have been on our playlists for 10 years, and they’re staying there for good. Trust us on that one.

Paramore – “Decode”

Nothing sets the 2008 mood more than the very sacred Twilight franchise. Paramore made a beautiful lead single for the first movie installment, and we love it more than the vampires. We are team Paramore.



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15 music videos you won’t believe are 10 years old
15 music videos you won’t believe are 10 years old