Interview with Dimlight

Hi! Tell me about your band and what kind of previous experience do you have as musicians?

Dimlight’s sound could be broadly considered as extreme, although we would not label our work in such a definite way.  After 12 active years in the scene, we had lineup changes, we ‘ve been through many difficulties and adversity, but for us, the significance of our music has always been a major priority and the primal cause for doing what we do. Throughout the progress of Dimlight, we either improve or decline. This is how we serve our evolution.

Why did you pick your band name? How did you form? Why did you decide to play the genre or genres you do?

It is a direct way to express the multicomponent nature of life. Nothing is absolutely good or bad, and this is what makes living more interesting, don’t you think? The genre occurred somehow spontaneously. None of us was a huge fan of this sound in the first place.

What can you tell us about your latest record?

It is the most unconventional release we’ve ever had so far. An excellent novel story, a highly interesting role-playing board game and of course a deeply comprehensive triple album, with known, and yet unknown, musical aspects of the band. We are very pleased with this release; we’ve been expecting this for a long time.

What the kind of album feedbacks are you waiting for?

We ‘re expecting it will please our fans but also to attract those who hear it for the first time.

Are you gonna to make some world tour in the future? Do you think this is available for everybody option to  tour around the globe?  What do you think band have to do to get such opportunity?

Just like with previous albums, there will be some shows in order to promote this album as well. Unfortunately, the means we have at our disposal prevent us from touring around the globe, although we would really love that. We will, though, do the best we can so that we’ll be able to visit as many places as possible. The choices a band of our range has are few when it comes to performing abroad. You either perform in big festivals or smaller concerts as a support act, or you organize a show on our own.  Each of the above has pros and cons. For us, the main purpose is to build up our prestige. This the hardest thing to achieve, but when once done, everything else comes easier.

Do you believe in heavy music scene without money?

Years ago, sales used to support a record label and thereinafter, record labels would support artists.  Nowadays, the roles are reversed, as the artists support the label and the label supports the incoming sales. This phenomenon is called “Food chain reverse” and it says it all. It’s just one of those realities of the music industry today that a band has to live with.

What do you think about online music sharing? Do you ever give your music away for free? Why?

This is a good way of advertising but, at the same time, a horrible way of saving up money. From our point of view, the best would be to keep some sort of balance. Someone can find our music for free in Online platforms but also for sale in our Official Website.

Who are your musical influences? Have you ever think your band could be so famous as your favorites?

We wouldn’t like to be well known for our musical tastes and influences but instead for the music we actually play. Our musical range is big enough and could vary from classical rock to extreme black metal and from classical music to 90s” pop.

Do you have a formal music education? Do you think it’s a Kind of important thing?

Some of us may carry years of musical education while others are just self-taught. In both cases there are positive and negative aspects of this. We don’t assume that a classical musical education is necessary, but we can definitely admit it is a useful skill in many occasions.

How do you balance your music with other obligations – mate, children, job?

Everything in life is a matter of priority. Our band is something as sacred and great as every other obligation in our lives. So, we always find enough time and energy whenever its required.

How do you handle mistakes during a performance? Or you can assure there are no any mistakes during your gigs?  Do you get nervous before a performance or a competition?

Mistakes during performances are sometimes inevitable, since we’re human. Most of the times we laugh with these moments. They always make for a good opportunity to pick on each other – in a friendly way, of course. Truth is, anxiety is a thing of the past for us, and in big shows if there’s any of that to be had, it is used productively, for improving the performance- when it lasts for just a little while-.

What’s next? Thank you!

Coming up, we’re going to do some shows, here, in Greece and promote our new album through social media as much possible!