About Downcross “Mysteries Of Left Path”

Black metal scene from ex-ussr area sometimes can surprise. I do not want to write the list of just outstanding bands from such countries like Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and etc because every die hard metal fans does know about them. Today I would like to write about the band from Belarus, the country located near Russia, Ukraine and Poland. I do not have information when the band was created but I know they have recorded one promo back in 2015 and the first full-length album 4 years later. Mysteries Of Left Path is a 8 tracks black metal album. The album is really outstanding, such kind of merciless and evil black metal based on old-school thrash metal rhythms. Nowadays scene is overwhelmed by so-called black metal albums I even do not want to spend my precious time to listen to but when I getting records like Downcross “Mysteries Of Left Path” I can’t step aside. Really massive, fascinating album… Lots of various tempos, evil vocals and just proper sound. Black metal is still alive and I do really recommend this album to all the black metal fans!