About Hiss From The Moat “The Harrier”

James Payne – 30 years old guy who has make a progress by playing in such bands like Hour of Penance and Vital Remains… Why? Just because James play drums on this record. Italians were always top-skilled musicians so it’s difficult for me to name some weak band over there, sorry… And with Hiss From The Moat we got new technical sensation, really. The second album of this band sounds absolutely top-notch, black death metal made with awesome technical rhythms. The songs structure is just awesome, everyhitng played with high technical skills and the whole sound is good. The first thrown into your eyes were drums – oh my fuck, drumming was killer, plus adding there guitars with some “broken” rthythms and good solos. Everything’s twisted and let’s say – “alive”. Just musical armageddon!
11 tracks, relased February 22, 2019 by M-Theory Audio.