About Reject the Sickness “The New Chapter”

Reject the Sickness seems to be more or less known band off Belgium, in any event I know this band. “The New Chapter” is a brand new EP from this band, with just 3 songs. Modern tendencies makes music more variable, I do not like all these musical experiments when metal genres are being mixed with some modern tunes but sometimes I’m OK with the experiments… Just like in case with “The New Chapter” from Reject the Sickness. Originally I could name this EP like melodic death metal if not one thing – there is also some metalcore parts on this. Nothing badm really, I still able listen to melodic metal and death metal on this record. An EP is enough interesting, first because of sure and professional skills of musicians, next thing – interesting melodic parts, and one more – I like alot how did they composed all of those tempo-changes. Memorable EP, I’m sure album will be very good.
EP released on February 22, 2019,