Album review – Kampfar “Ofidians Manifest”

Less than in month Indie recordings to release a brand new album from Norwegian black metal masters Kampfar. Norwegian black metal scene differs with each recorded and released album, there are also many various disputes about its true or not true activity, quality of music and so on, but from my humble point of view it’s actually having both good and bad sides and I do not agree about the negative side of Norwegian Black metal when it comes to the bands like Kampfar. “Ofidians Manifest” consists of 7 songs which are undoubted could be recognized as some kind of pure Norwegian black metal. This is a typical Kampfar album, sounds just like the proper continuation of their previous records. You’ll hear there both fast ripping tunes as well as slow-paced hymns like Dominans for example. Just try to check this album under any wished angle and you will see the fact Norwegian black metal is still alive, might it be just pure blackthrashhell or atmospheric pressing black metal like “Ofidians Manifest” is. Next killer album from the lands of Vikings.