For Those About to Squawk: Immortal, Bookakee, Abscess

You know, my least favorite part of pecking this blog out is trying to think of some witty birdshit to say here in the beginning… so, like, I’m going to review some stuff for you… cool? Immortal ousted frontman/guitar player Abbath some time ago and Northern Chaos Gods will mark the first album without him. This will be difficult as I haven’t heard the whole record, but I will basically go off of the first track released. The track “Northern Chaos Gods” is blisteringly fast, and when I say fast, I mean fast. There are hooks and riffs in here ,and … Continue reading

DAVE GROHL Says 'A Cold' Is To Blame For His Husky Voice

Dave Grohl says that a cold that he got from his daughter is to blame for his husky voice at some of the FOO FIGHTERS‘ recent shows. A contingent of FOO FIGHTERS fans were concerned for Grohl‘s voice, fearing that he may have done permanent damage to his vocal cords. After the band played last Monday night (June 11) in Antwerp, Belgium, one fan wrote at the FOO FIGHTERS‘ Reddit page following the show that he was worried about Grohl‘s voice. The fan wrote: “I was at the Antwerp gig last night, and I thought the state of Dave‘s voice … Continue reading

Video Premiere: Frayle – “Let the Darkness In”

Frayle‘s take on doom is hypnotic. Instrumentally pulling inspiration from acts like Sleep, Kyuss and Chelsea Wolfe, singer Gwyn Strang adds vocals that seamlessly blend into Frayle’s music without ever leaving the foreground. The song “Let the Darkness In,” with a new video we’re debuting today, is heavy, dark and haunting, matched with equally dark video. “Like most of the lyrics on The White Witch, lyrics to ‘Let the Darkness In’ have a thinly veiled duality,” Frayle explain to Decibel. “Gwyn writes of being in love with someone who keeps breaking her heart, but the unfortunate pull is strong, and she … Continue reading

Khemmis Drummer/TRVE Head Brewer Zach Coleman Picks His Favorite Beers from the Decibel Tour

Desolation, the third full-length from rising doom superstars Khemmis, is officially released today. There’s no question that it’s an excellent album, expanding upon every element of 2016’s Hunted, placing it among the best records to be released this year. Of course, Decibel readers are already very familiar with Khemmis, who nabbed our Album of the Year honor in 2016, performed at our inaugural Metal & Beer Fest in 2016 and on the Decibel Tour with Enslaved and Wolves in the Throne Room in 2017. To celebrate the release of Desolation, we asked Khemmis skinsman/TRVE Head Brewer Zach Coleman to write about the five best beers … Continue reading

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Has 21 Songs In The Works For Upcoming Album

Vocalist Jesse Leach spoke to Graspop Metal Meeting about the progress of the writing and recording sessions for KILLSWITCH ENGAGE‘s next album, tentatively due in early 2019 via Metal Blade Records in the U.S. and Sony Music Entertainment in the rest of the world. “I do have a bunch of lyrics for songs [ready to go],” he said (see video below). “We’ve got about maybe four, I think, we’re really happy with, but we have, like, 21 songs altogether. So, yeah, in between [KILLSWITCH ENGAGE‘s current European tour as the support act for IRON MAIDEN], ’cause we go home for … Continue reading

VAN CANTO: Lyric Video For 'Back In The Lead' Song

On August 10, German a cappella metal band VAN CANTO will release its seventh studio album, “Trust In Rust”, via Napalm Records. The official lyric video for the disc’s opening track, “Back In The Lead”, can be seen below. Since 2006, they have brought pure vocal power to the metal world. Now made up of seven members, VAN VANTO‘s “Trust In Rust” covers a wide stylistic range, from melodic to bombastic, showcasing the band’s takes on ballads, hard rock ballbreakers and speed metal anthems. Covers, ranging from HELLOWEEN‘s “Ride The Sky” (featuring HELLOWEEN‘s Kai Hansen) to AC/DC‘s “Hells Bells”, give … Continue reading

Svartmálmur: A Saga of Icelandic Black Metal

In the last 10 years, even as the fortunes of the print industry has come under increased pressure, books about metal have flourished as eager readers have (hammer) smashed their faces into tomes of darkness and extremity. (Many of these fine books are available through Decibel, by the way.) This has progressed from books covering death metal and black metal more generally to exposés focused on individual scenes. This of course includes well-known and legendary scenes like Swedish death metal and Finnish black metal. In that same vein, a new book from photographer Verði ljós and Wormlust’s Hafsteinn Viðar Ársælsson … Continue reading

COHEED AND CAMBRIA: 'The Unheavenly Creatures' Album Details Revealed

Roadrunner Records group COHEED AND CAMBRIA has announced details of its long-awaited new album and label debut, “The Unheavenly Creatures”. The sprawling fifteen track, 78-minute epic finds COHEED AND CAMBRIA returning to the conceptual narrative of “The Amory Wars”. Today the band has launched pre-orders for the album’s deeply immersive “Vaxis – Act 1: The Unheavenly Creatures Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set”. Pre-orders for “The Unheavenly Creatures” standard album will begin Friday, June 29, with new music from the forthcoming LP arriving next week. Set for release on October 5, the box set includes an exclusive 80-plus-page hardcover illustrated sci-fi … Continue reading

Video Premiere: Depths of Hatred – ‘An Infidel’s Desecent’

Canadian tech death outfit Depths of Hatred announced their new EP Bloodguilt in May, along with the news that vocalist Nico Monette would take over for longtime vocalist Dominic D.D. Decibel partnered with Depths of Hatred to premiere the second song on Bloodguilt, titled “An Infidel’s Descent.” Monette has the opportunity to show off his vocal range on “An Infidel’s Descent,” trading off between gutturals and higher vocals and the rest of the band are locked in just as tight. “An Infidel’s Descent” is the first single from Bloodguilt, but you won’t have to wait much longer to hear more. The EP comes out on July 20 via Prosthetic. … Continue reading

IRON MAIDEN's BRUCE DICKINSON Doesn't Believe In Prescribing Psychiatric Medications To Children

Berlin’s Star FM has uploaded a two-part podcast containing an interview with IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson, conducted earlier this year by Jakob Kranz of the “Heavy Hour” show. You can now listen to the chat below. Expressing his concern about an alleged epidemic involving the overuse of psychiatric medications for children, Bruce said: “My oldest son, Austin, was diagnosed with… A doctor came along when he was five years old and said, ‘Oh, yes, we should give him some Ritalin,’” referring to the drug used in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). “And I was just, like, … Continue reading