Full Album Stream: Brainoil – “Singularity to Extinction”

This is it: the best sludge metal album you’ll hear all year. Singularity to Extinction is Brainoil‘s first album since 2011, following a rarities comp that same year and a split with Dropdead in 2014. The Oakland-based trio aren’t afraid to change up their tempos, varying from the more upbeat “Preface to Madness” to the miserable, crawling “Blank Static Void.” Singularity to Extinction is swathed—or maybe drowned is a better descriptor—in raw, abrasive crust. Walls of guitar backed by sluggish drumming wash over the listener and Greg Wilkinson barks out vocal lines like he wants to cough up blood at the end of a recording … Continue reading

Half of new guitar players are women, says study

Fender found out that 50 percent of beginner guitar players are women. The study also points out at the emotional benefits of playing an instrument. Read more: Everything coming to and leaving Hulu in November According to a new study by Fender, the diversity of guitar players is growing. To begin with, women are 50 percent of all beginner and aspirational players. Plus, the number of African-Americans and Hispanics learning to play guitar is increasing. The former group accounts for 19 percent, while the latter makes up 25 percent of beginners. Research shows that 72 percent of people pick up guitar to learn … Continue reading


Season Of Mist has announced the signing of VLTIMAS. The three-piece extreme metal formation, consisting of David Vincent (ex-MORBID ANGEL), Rune “Blasphemer” Eriksen (ex-MAYHEM, AURA NOIR) and Flo Monier (CRYPTOPSY), has completed the work on its debut album for an early 2019 release. Eriksen comments: “Feels like aeons ago since I last ventured into these musical shores, but alas, here we are. “It’s been an intense year and a half with lots of planning, hard work, personal sacrifice and yeah, traveling. I believe I speak for all three of us on this matter. Nevertheless, the beast has been summoned and … Continue reading

Label Spotlight: Sliptrick Records

Sliptrick Records formed in 2007, undergoing a series of home base location changes before settling in Latvia in 2014. In the time since their inception, Sliptrick have released literally hundreds of albums that range in style from singer-songwriter to hard rock, brutal death metal and anything else that they enjoy. Decibel had a chat with Carlo Muselli, head of Sliptrick’s European operations, to learn more about their selection process, the business of running a record label in 2018 and why Sliptrick often works with young bands on their debut albums. Read the interview below, and be sure to follow them on Facebook and … Continue reading

Youtube is down and the internet isn’t sure what to do—UPDATED

UPDATE: OCT. 16, 11:01 P.M. EST YouTube is now back up. The video site’s Twitter account responsible for updates, troubleshooting tips and help revealed the news. “We’re back! Thanks for all of your patience,” the account tweeted. “If you continue to experience issues, please let us know.” We’re back! Thanks for all of your patience. If you continue to experience issues, please let us know. https://t.co/NVU5GP7Sy6 — Team YouTube (@TeamYouTube) October 17, 2018 However, there is still no word on what caused the outage. ORIGINAL POST: OCT. 16, 10:34 P.M. EST On the off chance that you could have possibly … Continue reading


The new band featuring three members of the classic DOKKEN lineup along with former LYNCH MOB and current WARRANT singer Robert Mason has officially been christened THE END MACHINE. Although guitarist George Lynch said in a recent interview that his new collaboration with his onetime DOKKEN bandmates Jeff Pilson (bass) and Mick Brown (drums) would be called THE END, Pilson clarified during a chat that “Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon” that the actual name will be THE END MACHINE, with “The End” written “in capitals and ‘Machine’ in small letters.” Asked if THE END MACHINE‘s music can best be described … Continue reading

Video Premiere: Anomalie – ‘Temples’

Despite having just released the full-length album Visions last year, Austrian black metal duo Anomalie have already returned with a new EP, titled Integra, for release later this year. Combining aggressive but spacious black metal with screams and rhythmically sung vocals, Anomalie use new song “Temples” to offer a critique of organized religion. The accompanying video splices together clips of various negative events, all inspired by religion or that occurred at religious gatherings, from televangelists demonstrating to massive audiences to Charlottesville to riots, military action and acts of terror. At the end of the video, multi-instrumentalist and main man Marrok is seen building a shrine or … Continue reading