Track Premiere: Octopus – ‘Strike (While the Iron is Hot)’

Detroit psych rockers Octopus play music in the way that only rock bands from Detroit can. Armed with fuzzed-out guitars and foot-stomping percussion, “Strike (While the Iron is Hot)” employs smoldering riffs and soulful vocals to create a memorable song that feels vintage yet modern. “Strike” comes from Supernatural Alliance, Octopus’ new album out March 30 on Lee Dorrian’s Rise Above Records. The post Track Premiere: Octopus – ‘Strike (While the Iron is Hot)’ appeared first on Decibel Magazine. Track Premiere: Octopus – ‘Strike (While the Iron is Hot)’ Track Premiere: Octopus – ‘Strike (While the Iron is Hot)’ Decibel Continue reading

Led Astray in the Forest Dark: Metal and the Familiarity Principle

How should we approach new things? Tell me if you’ve heard this one before, readers: “The thing is about metal, it all sounds the same to me. It’s just screaming and loud noise, that’s not even music!” Any metal listeners who operate in the world and don’t keep their passion for heavy music to themselves will at some point hear this complaint. Many of us tend to get defensive at this point, and go on a long soliloquy about why the person is wrong. But in terms of their experience with the music itself, they’re actually correct. When I think … Continue reading

Godthrymm Unleash Epic Doom on Debut EP, “A Grand Reclamation”

When current and former members of such legendary acts as My Dying Bride, Anathema, Vallenfyre, Solstice and Malediction joined forces for Godthrymm, we knew it would be epic and today, we know we haven’t been let down. A Grand Reclamation, the UK doom crew’s debut, is huge. Each song on the record is driven by downtuned guitars and Hamish Glencross’ powerful vocals, rounded out by an equally-crushing rhythm section. Though the songs are long, they do not waste time, using each note for maximum effect. Don’t just take our word for it–listen to A Grand Reclamation now. It’s also available on CD via Transcending Records … Continue reading

BIFF BYFORD Says Rise Of Grunge Movement In '90s Was 'In Some Respects A Good Thing' For SAXON

Biff Byford says that the rise of the early grunge movement, which symbolized the working-class spirit and focused on music over image, was ultimately a positive thing for bands like SAXON because it challenged them to not get complacent. During a recent interview with the “Scars And Guitars” pocast, Biff was asked how the British heavy metal legends made it through the grunge-obsessed ’90s intact when so many of their contemporaries fell by the wayside. “The fans, really — the loyal fans kept us going through that period,” the vocalist said. “And, obviously, the record company had faith in us … Continue reading

STRYPER Frontman Slams Bands Who Are No Longer Interested In Making New Music: 'Why Don't You Just Sell Your Gear And Get Out?'

STRYPER frontman Michael Sweet has slammed bands who are no longer interested in making new music, preferring instead to cash in on nostalgia and tour on the strength of past hits. Sweet, who continues to be the main songwriter for STRYPER in addition to having a solo career and making albums with the SWEET & LYNCH project, made his latest comments while once again pushing back against criticism of the rapid-fire pace at which he is putting out fresh material. He told the “Cobras & Fire” podcast (hear audio below): “I’m passionate about what I do and I love creating … Continue reading

Yards Announce Beers for Decibel Metal & Beer Fest

Decibel has had the honor of working with a multitude of the most metal breweries in the country—and world—for Decibel Metal & Beer Fest, including our relationship with Yards Brewing. The Philadelphia-based featured brewery won’t just be pouring their established brews at the festival; Yards have collaborated with Philly heavy metal heroes Sumerlands for Haunted Forever, a black IPA. Being a featured brewery, you’ll have the opportunity to taste four unique brews from Yards. Find out what they have on tap below. Haunted Forever (Black IPA, 6.66% ABV)Haunted Forever Black IPA was brewed in the starless void of the Philadelphia necropolis in collaboration … Continue reading

TWO WEEKS AWAY: Decibel Metal & Beer Fest Is Almost Here

You don’t have Decibel Metal & Beer Fest tickets yet? Well, you’d better make like a bunny and fucking hop to it! The biggest metal party of the year is nearly here! Decibel Metal & Beer Fest is just TWO WEEKS away and both our “Metal & Beer” and “Just Metal” ticket options are selling fast! Don’t blow you chance to see the first At the Gates U.S. performance in nearly three years, Mayhem’s Easter Sunday black mass, Repulsion‘s only show of 2018 and rare Philadelphia appearances from Monster Magnet, Integrity, Evoken and more. Plus, you can sample from 20 of the best craft breweries in North America! So, put all of those PAAS-colored eggs … Continue reading

OVERKILL To Release 'Live In Overhausen' In May

Legendary New Jersey thrashers OVERKILL will release “Live In Overhausen” on May 18 via Nuclear Blast. Celebrating the band’s history, “Live In Overhausen” captured not one but two album anniversaries. Fans assembled on April 16, 2016 at Turbinenhalle 2 in Oberhausen, Germany for the 25th anniversary of “Horrorscope” and 30th anniversary of where it all began, “Feel The Fire”. OVERKILL singer Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth comments: “From the stage to your eyes and ears! ‘Live in Overhausen’, celebrating ‘Feel The Fire’ and ‘Horrorscope’ in one filmed/recorded concert in Germany, from 2016. A rare two-hour look at what has transpired over three … Continue reading

LED ZEPPELIN's 'How The West Was Won' Reissue: Unboxing Video

On September 7, 1968, John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant first took the stage together in Gladsaxe, Denmark. Then billed as THE NEW YARDBIRDS, the band would assemble in the studio for the first time later that month to start recording their debut album as LED ZEPPELIN, and rock ‘n’ roll would never be the same again. Before the band’s 50th-anniversary celebration officially begins in September, LED ZEPPELIN will continue its reissue campaign with a new edition of their celebrated live album “How The West Was Won”, originally released in 2003, featuring newly remastered audio, which … Continue reading

Win Free Decibel Metal & Beer Fest Tickets with Kickoff Party Ticket

In just two short weeks, Decibel Metal & Beer Fest 2018 will commence for a weekend of extreme bands and extreme beers. Two weeks is a long time to wait, however, so Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn is hosting the official kickoff party on Friday, March 23. Featuring a rare doom set from Incantation and old-school thrash set from Believer, plus a performance from Brooklyn’s own Belus, this is one party not to be missed. If that wasn’t reason enough to purchase your ticket, Decibel is giving away one free pair of weekend passes to the main festival at the Fillmore Philadelphia on March 31 and … Continue reading