THE LURKING FEAR Feat. AT THE GATES Members: Listen To 'Vortex Spawn' Single

Swedish death metal supergroup THE LURKING FEAR will release its debut album, “Out Of The Voiceless Grave”, on August 11 via Century Media. Recorded at Welfare Sounds in Gothenburg, Sweden, the disc will be available as special-edition digipak CD, gatefold LP on 180-gram vinyl with a poster and as a digital download. The album’s LP edition will be available on classic black vinyl as well as on limited colored runs as follows: silver vinyl (200 copies; CM Distro Europe), clear vinyl (200 copies, Sweden) and golden vinyl (300 copies; CM USA). The first single from “Out Of The Voiceless Grave”, … Continue reading

Hydrograd – STONE SOUR

STONE SOUR has long outgrown the dismissive and overgeneralized tag “supergroup,” stemming of course from its obvious associations and history with mainstream metal juggernaut SLIPKNOT. Like SLIPKNOT, STONE SOUR has cracked Billboard’s charts too many times to count, yet its reached far beyond that band’s demographic and deeper into the pockets of hard rock, radio rock and alternative fans with its inclination toward those styles as well as toward the histrionics of various eras of heavy metal. With “Hydrograd”, the group’s sixth full-length album, and first since the departure of longtime member and SLIPKNOT mainstay Jim Root, the Des Moines, … Continue reading

Incorruptible – ICED EARTH

With the current upsurge of the popularity of traditional metal styles stateside, the heavy music climate is favorable for longtime titans ICED EARTH. If we allow the conversation to devolve into a debate over which metallic branch the band leans more toward on the tree of heavy metal subgenres, there will be obvious mentions of power metal and thrash metal. But at the end of the day, it’s clear that the group is a heavy metal band with clear roots in the style’s origins. Mastermind Jon Schaffer has been driving forward through times both good and bad for metal, never … Continue reading

Black Laden Crown – DANZIG

Glenn Danzig is a bona fide metal and punk god. His irreverence for genre conventions has been accepted with open arms within musically conservative music scenes, expanding the boundaries of metal and heavy music from the horror punk of the MISFITS through transitioning band SAMHAIN and finally through to the heavier metal-inclined band bearing his name. Highly publicized events and episodes extracurricular to his actual music have dominated headlines and social media exchanges in recent years, but one can’t overstate the man’s indelible imprint upon heavy music. The quality of DANZIG‘s post-nineties material has been inconsistent and lackluster compared to … Continue reading

…Of the Dark Light – SUFFOCATION

SUFFOCATION broke ground with its absolutely gargantuan early material. A progenitor of technical death metal, the group’s competition has become as stiff as a corpse in the years since then. Bands as varied as CRYPTOPSY, OBSCURA and NECROPHAGIST have pushed the envelope in their own respective ways, but the New York group has remained relevant and stood apart from many of the tech wizards. Due largely to its penchant for an overtly pulverizing attack. High caliber musicianship has carried forward throughout the band’s career; however, since the group reunited with 2004’s “Souls to Deny”, it has unfortunately fallen short of … Continue reading

Live & Louder – THE DEAD DAISIES

“We’re in the zone right now,” cried forcefully by David Lowy, founding member of the Australian-American rock cotillion, THE DEAD DAISIES. Considering the number of players housed under this band’s moniker over the past five years, that’s not merely a bold claim, it’s substantiated. You’re talking esteemed alumni such as John Tempesta, Richard Fortus, Jon Stevens, Tommy Clufetos, Alex Carapetis, Darryl Jones, Dizzy Reed and Charley Drayton, to tee off a good handful of names, and that’s not covering everyone since the band was founded in 2012 who’s played in THE DEAD DAISIES. Last year, Lowy and the DAISIES welcomed … Continue reading

II: As We Die – DOYLE

Since his last solo album, “Abominator”, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein has been featured in “Death Ward 13”, a remake of the trash classic, “Don’t Look in the Basement”, and starred as a pulverizing brute in Alan Robert‘s horror comic book series, “Killogy”. The much-lauded two-show reunion with Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only as “THE ORIGINAL MISFITS” in 2016 gave the ghoulish guitarist further reason to believe in his own second coming. This year, Doyle drops his follow-up album, “II: As We Die”, which retains the services of CANCERSLUG‘s Alex “Wolfman” Story and BLACK FLAG drummer Brandon “The Crusher” Pertzborn along … Continue reading

The Optimist – ANATHEMA

The cover of ANATHEMA‘s 2001 release “A Fine Day to Exit” depicts a car in an empty beach at day, a car in a road at night. Now with “The Optimist”, the group’s eleventh album, it has picked up that concept again, doing so right off the bat with the opening track, “32.63N 117.14W”. These are the actual coordinates for San Diego’s Silver Strand beach, which is the last known location of the storyline’s character known as The Optimist, a personification of the band members’ hopes, fears and thoughts. Less experimental than previous album, 2014’s “Distant Satellites”, “The Optimist” is … Continue reading

The Last Real Rock n' Roll – RHINO BUCKET

Let’s be real here. For every ten hard rock and metal bands out there, eight are Jonesing to be one of the following: METALLICA, BLACK SABBATH, SLAYER, MOTORHEAD, IRON MAIDEN, FATES WARNING, JUDAS PRIEST or AC/DC. Indeed, the most emulated of these is AC/DC, a band that struck the right chord with the right rock audience during the seventies and early eighties. They might not have changed everything, but they sure changed enough. Reminders of how glorious the Bon Scott and early Brian Johnson years were have routinely been thrown in our faces by the likes of KROKUS, ROSE TATTOO, … Continue reading


Unless you’ve been following the band since 2005, you’d never guess MOTIONLESS IN WHITE hails from Scranton, Pennsylvania. The group carries itself like a UK goth band with a twist of Marilyn Manson, and after gaining notoriety with the 2014 album “Reincarnate”, MIW landed its coveted signing with Roadrunner Records. The unit’s latest album, “Graveyard Shift”, should’ve been a lot more fun than it is. If you’re a fan, anything written in this review will likely piss you off more than anything Chris “Motionless” Cerulli tugs into the album as a mission of provocation. Whether you dig this band or … Continue reading