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Mobile Cold - Cold Storage on Wheels!! 04:13

Mobile Cold - Cold Storage on Wheels!!...

5.79 MB 18,78431 Agustus 2010
Customized Cold Room Chiller or Freezer in Bangladesh 01:46
NCSU's Pack 'N Cool Trailer and Cold Storage Practices 06:19
Low-cost Cold Storage Room for Onion and other Vegetables - Cheap and Best 02:55
Yuvraj Jadhav's Cold storage runs on solar energy 02:41
Mobile Cold Storage Los Angeles (800) 221-3727 mobile cold storage 01:04
Small cold room install 06:04

Small cold room install...

8.33 MB 33,57121 Juni 2011
DIY Low cost cold storage room for Dairy, Milk, Cheese, Butter|Works on Solar and small generator 02:25
How to select and install a Cheap Cold Store Room for storage of medicines, food, vegetables 02:20
Portable Blast Freezers - CRS 60kW Cold Storage Blast Freezer 00:32
Used thermo king refrigeration units-  Cooler Trailers 02:36
Build your own Kit Coolroom _ by Burton Industries 06:53
We Offering Mobile Cooler Container Rentals Nationwide 01:16
Mobile Cold - Cold Storage on Wheels!! 2 02:56

Mobile Cold - Cold Storage on Wheels!! 2...

4.03 MB 33,54101 September 2010
How to build a low cost, cheap cold storage room for farmers, Small farms, Agriculture Products. 02:41
mobile cold storage solutions (800) 221-3727 los angeles mobile refrigeration 01:15
Solar powered cold storage/cold room by Sheffield Africa. 02:41
ArcticStore™ Portable cold storage│TITAN Containers 00:56
The Cheapest Cold Room utilizing Split AC units, even works on small generator|Vacker Global 02:13
Mobile Cold Storage is very useful for Farmers : Sudhir Kumar 07:32
SAHAR Solar Powered Cold Room 04:02

SAHAR Solar Powered Cold Room...

5.54 MB 39,08829 Januari 2012
Shacmn L3000 Refrigerator Cooling Van,Mobile Cold Room,Refrigerated Truck 00:51
Refrigerated Delivery Van 04:38

Refrigerated Delivery Van...

6.36 MB 28,07515 Juni 2016
Small Cold Storage Units 06:52

Small Cold Storage Units...

9.43 MB 79,86326 Juli 2019
CoolBot Powered Mobile Walk-in Cooler 08:18

CoolBot Powered Mobile Walk-in Cooler...

11.4 MB 75,98808 September 2017