WWE’s Paige announces makeup line

WWE’s Paige is branching out into the makeup industry, and we are so here for it. Paige made waves in the world of wrestling after becoming the first NXT Women’s Champion. She went on to become a two-time WWE Divas Champion but has since retired due to an injury, which she announced earlier this year. Read more: Fall Out Boy, BFMV, Slipknot featured on ‘WWE 2K19’ soundtrack While she still appears on-screen as the general manager of WWE’s SmackDown Live, Paige has worked to expand into other business ventures. Paige, whose real name is Saraya Jade Bevis, launched a clothing … Continue reading

Machine Gun Kelly talks Eminem feud: “I’m already over it”

Machine Gun Kelly still has some thoughts to share about his ongoing feud with Eminem. The rapper discussed the beef, as well as his feud with G-Eazy and more, during an interview with the Breakfast Club on Sept. 20. Watch the video in full below. Read more: Did an Eminem fansite edit Fall Out Boy fans booing MGK? Machine Gun Kelly broke down the feud during the interview, reminding it all started when he called Eminem’s daughter “hot” on Twitter in 2012, when she was underage. “He should have said it six years ago,” MGK notes. The rapper says he apologized behind the scenes, … Continue reading

Full Album Stream: Madder Mortem – ‘Marrow’

Norway’s Madder Mortem are another prime example of a particular style of progressive metal that seems to only come from Norway or … San Francisco? Obviously inspired by black metal while sounding nothing like it, their true peers include Giant Squid (R.I.P.), Khorada (welcome to the party!) and A Forest of Stars (Hey, didn’t I just blog about you?). The prime feature of this style must be excellent clean vocals that oppress the listener with sheer eccentricity. Somehow Corpsegrinder is more easily digestible than this stuff. True to form, lead vocalist Agnete Kirkevaag shines in Madder Mortem. The interplay between … Continue reading

Track Premiere: Iron Void – ‘Lancelot of the Lake’

It’s been a few years since I took a history class, but I think it’s safe to say that Iron Void (originally formed in the late ’90s and reactivated in 2008) are enamored by the history and mythology of legendary British leader King Arthur. It’s a perfectly logical line of thought, given that the English heavy metal/trad doom defenders titled their latest album Excalibur, with song titles like “Lancelot of the Lake,” “The Grail Quest” and “The Death of Arthur.” You can hear a few of those songs on their Bandcamp already, and Decibel has the scoop on “Lancelot of the Lake” today. Iron Void lead … Continue reading

‘Aggretsuko’ roars into Season 2, boosts American metal scene

I found Aggretsuko at the age of 24. Thirty seconds into the first Netflix Original episode, I shared it with my 64-year-old mother who knows absolutely nothing about anime but a hell of a lot about hating her job. Retsuko, the little red panda Sanrio character who takes out her office frustrations by singing metal karaoke, made us cry laughing. It took some effort to get my 29-year-old boyfriend to watch a show about kawaii (cute) cartoon animals, but once he watched the first episode, he binge-watched the rest of the season. Be they female, male, millennial or baby boomer, … Continue reading