Video Premiere: The Last of Lucy – ‘Formication’

If you’re one of the progressive death metalheads that hasn’t been able to get enough of acts like Rivers of Nihil and Burial in the Sky this year, then The Last of Lucy are a band you should take note of. If that didn’t already spur you into action, allow me to persuade you. The Southern California-based group released their album Ashvattha last year featuring the song “Formication.” The eighth song on the album, “Formication” is a whirlwind of ridiculous riffs, mind-bending leads and solos and just generally off-the-chain musicianship. Like the aforementioned contemporaries, The Last of Lucy also have a knack for incorporating … Continue reading

TRAGODIA – launched new Lyrics video and album pre-order

Tragodia share their brand new lyric video Master of the Loss! watch at: Grab your copy of the upcoming album Before The Fall here: Preorder iTunes: Preorder Cd: Album preview: Before the Fall will be available on November 23rd via Revalve records. In 1996, the industrialized, Northern Italy-situated city of Brescia was the perfect place for Tragodia to be born and for their music to start being shaped. Years have past since then. Years of truly dedicated musical research. After releasing in 1998 a critical-acclaimed demo-tape, (‘Dramas in splendent realms’), a self-produced mini-CD in 2001 (‘All our miseries’), facing several line-up changes, Tragodia got their first album ‘The Promethean Legacy … Continue reading

Avant-Garde Metallists SIGNS OF HUMAN RACE joins Sliptrick records

Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week: Signs Of Human Race (IT) Progressive Metal | Avant-Garde Metal Signs Of Human Race is a progressive, avant-garde metal band formed in 2017 in Brescia, Italy. After a few line-up changes, the band found its own style at the beginning of 2018, during which time, they also started performing live. Influenced by many bands such as Opeth, Tool, Gojira, Dream Theater, Dir En Grey and Pink Floyd, the band is now getting ready to release their first album, Inner Struggle Of Self-Acceptance. The band’s name expresses and encompasses the topics that the members want to … Continue reading

GLENN DANZIG's Feature Film To Start Shooting This Month

MISFITS and DANZIG frontman Glenn Danzig recently signed a feature film agreement with Cleopatra Entertainment, a division of the Los Angeles independent record label Cleopatra Records. Danzig will pen, direct and compose music for the feature film which will be structured as an anthology splitting its running time between three individual characters/storylines based on Danzig‘s own popular Verotik comic book characters. Speaking to LA Weekly, Glenn said about the project: “It’s an anthology movie, which is kind of like Boris Karloff in Mario Bava‘s ‘Black Sabbath’. It’s based on three different Verotik comic stories. Kind of like ‘Creepshow’, ‘Tales From … Continue reading

Watch Night Demon’s New Video for “Black Widow”

California heavy metal torchbearers Night Demon dropped a new music video for the song “Black Widow” from their album Darkness Remains yesterday. In the video, a woman—presumably the black widow Night Demon sing about—is a force to be reckoned with, coming across a number of unfortunate souls over the course of the four-minute video. Oh, and the music rules, but you already knew that. Check it out below and grab your copy of Darkness Remains if you don’t have one yet. Night Demon play the Decibel Metal & Beer Fest: Los Angeles Pre-Party on November 30 with Armored Saint, Uada and Persekutor at the legendary Troubador. … Continue reading

Danzig says Rob Zombie gave him this filmmaking tip

Glenn Danzig‘s got a horror film in the works, and he tells Revolver in a new interview that he took a sole piece of movie advice from none other than fellow death-rocker-turned-slasher-auteur Rob Zombie. Talk about a meeting of the minds! What movie-making wisdom do you think the White Zombie founder shared with the Danzig frontman? Read more: 10 last-minute costumes pulled from pop culture “Don’t get involved!” laughs Evil Elvis himself when asked what sage splatter-flick guidance Zombie offered the burgeoning director.* For, you see, Danzig’s currently developing a horror anthology picture that’s similar to the original “Black Sabbath … Continue reading

DRAGONFORCE Bassist Would 'Definitely' Choose Death Metal Over Power Metal

French musician Frédéric Leclercq, who plays bass in the British-based power metal band DRAGONFORCE and guitar in the death metal supergroup SINSAENUM, was asked by Austria’s Stormbringer which subgenre of heavy metal he prefers: power metal or death metal. He responded (see video below): “Death metal. I like every kind of metal — I love metal. I like heavy metal, I like thrash metal, I like black metal. Power metal, actually, not so much, but when I discovered the style basically 20 years ago, actually, I liked ANGRA; SYMPHONY X — I don’t know if they’re power metal or more … Continue reading

Track Premiere: New Light Choir – ‘The Grand Architect’

It’s Halloween, which means any song I stream for you ought to be a trick, or a treat — well, New Light Choir is always both. This unclassifiable American duo has been putting out records in relative obscurity for some time, and not quickly either. Their second LP, creatively titled Volume II, was only released in 2014, but their witches brew takes time to cook. Their upcoming third LP, Torchlight is every bit worth the wait. New Light Choir’s music is… delicate. Their balance of progressive playing with an unabashed love for old-school metal rarely survives in the sunlight. Only … Continue reading

One ‘Stranger Things’ villain is coming back for season 3

Stranger Things season 3 is slowly getting closer to being a binge-able reality, but until we can see it, snippets of what to expect during the show’s new season have been slowly pouring in. We recently found out about a few characters that were supposed to die in season one, and today, we found out about what monster is coming back from the Upside Down to terrorize the kids of Hawkins. Read more: These ‘Stranger Things’ characters were supposed to die in season one In a new report from Screen Rant, Netflix and Century Books have partnered up to officially release the … Continue reading