PYREXIA Releases Music Video For 'Unholy Requiem' Title Track

Long-standing New York death metallers PYREXIA have released the music video for the title track of their upcoming album, “Unholy Requiem”. The LP, which is arguably the group’s most vicious and skull-crushingly heavy offering in a 20-plus-year career full of brutal moments, will see a September 14 release on Unique Leader.

Founding guitarist Chris Basile commented: “The band is super excited to finally release the video for the title track of our new album, ‘Unholy Requiem’. The production value is definitely next level for us. Something you might see on the History Channel. The storyline follows a man who loses his wife and then performs a sort of blood ritual out of desperation to get her back. What happens next is nothing short of an abomination.”

“Unholy Requiem” was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Subsonic Audio by Chris Basile and shows the band returning to their filthy, pulverizing, classic sound.

Basile said of the album: “This album is definitely the band returning to its roots. It’s dirty. It’s raw. It’s punishing. It’s us. It’s a hungry Album and we fed it a strict diet of pain, sweat, and blast beats.”

Not to be dismissed as a simple throwback album however, “Unholy Requiem” shows that PYREXIA still absolutely dominate the brutal death metal sound that they helped give birth to. These eight slabs of blistering, pulverizing menace show a band that are still still pushing themselves forward, determined to continue raising the bar for extreme music. This album, with all of its pummeling groove and signature riff-laden violence, is nothing less than pure sonic vitriol.

“Unholy Requiem” track listing:

01. Angels Of Gomorrah
02. Blood To Ash
03. Moment Of Violence
04. Path Of Disdain
05. The Annointed
06. The Fall Of Eden
07. Unholy Reqiuem
08. Wrath

This November, PYREXIA will take part in the “Grand Slam” European tour alongside PATHOLOGY, EPICARDIECTOMY, KRAANIUM and SINAYA as well as performing on this year’s “Bloodletting North America” tour.

PYREXIA Releases Music Video For 'Unholy Requiem' Title Track
PYREXIA Releases Music Video For 'Unholy Requiem' Title Track