MINISTRY Releases 'AmeriKKKa' Visualizer

After several headlining tours of North America with the likes of such acts as CHELSEA WOLFE and DEATH GRIPS, MINISTRY will continue to support its critically acclaimed album “AmeriKKKant” with a full U.S. tour this November and December. Joining the American industrial juggernaut will be Franck Hueso, better known by his stage name Carpenter Brut, a French synthwave artist from Poitiers.

MINISTRY has just released a visualizer for the track “AmeriKKKa”, taken from “AmeriKKKant”. Check it out below.

Produced by mainman Al Jourgensen, recorded at Caribou Studios in Burbank, California and with striking artwork created by Mister Sam Shearon, the psychedelic, politically influenced and very much in-your-face “AmeriKKKant”‘s nine tracks are rooted in Jourgensen‘s unadulterated anger for what he says is happening in America today: the waning respect for the U.S. Constitution, the growing acceptance of one’s opinions replacing facts, the decline of our leaders’ sense of morals, ethics and personal responsibility to the country and to their constituents, and the “mad man in the White House.”

In a 2017 interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Jourgensen stated about America’s 45th president: “Trump is just one pimple on the rash. And I found that out while doing the three [George W.] Bush albums. By the last album I did, ‘The Last Sucker’, it was not just about Bush being a sucker — he was an idiot, a puppet, a mouthpiece for of the powers that be. But I realized that I’m a sucker for getting so bent out of shape about Bush, because Bush was just one pimple in the rash. It’s the same thing with Trump. He’s detestable, of course, but how could anybody actually like this person? Unless you’re in the top one percent of spoiled, rich, misogynist man-toddlers who are entitled to getting anything they wanted. I mean, Trump‘s in the new album, saying some stupid shit, but he’s not the focal point. I’m basically holding up a mirror to society and saying, ‘How have we allowed [ourselves] to be duped this way?'”

For decades, the powerhouse of psychotic sound that is MINISTRY has overcome millions with releases such as “Filth Pig”, “The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste”, “Psalm 69”, “From Beer To Eternity”, and a flood of others. Since the ’80s, Jourgensen has been combining elements of synth pop, punk, metal and even dub in a way that is instantly recognizable and has influenced many other bands.

With timeless classics such as “Just One Fix”, “Thieves” and “Jesus Built My Hotrod”, MINISTRY is a one-of-a-kind musical pioneer.

With six Grammy nominations to date, over three million records sold, more than 2,000 live performances, and movie soundtrack work on “The Hurt Locker”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Matrix”, “RoboCop” and “Saw”, MINISTRY has been contributing to the music industry for over three decades.

MINISTRY Releases 'AmeriKKKa' Visualizer
MINISTRY Releases 'AmeriKKKa' Visualizer