STONE TEMPLE PILOTS Guitarist Fires Back At Estranged Wife

According to TMZ, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS guitarist Dean DeLeo has fired back at his estranged wife, denying that he has ever been abusive to her.

Jenn DeLeo filed for divorce in June after her husband allegedly admitted to cheating and made violent threats against her in front of the couple’s 6-year-old daughter. In her court documents, Jenn claimed Dean began abusing drugs and alcohol shortly after she gave birth to their daughter, June, in 2012. She alleged that Dean took their baby into the ocean when he was “completely inebriated” and June nearly drowned. She also claimed that Dean physically assaulted her after he came to in their garage after a night of binge drinking. Jenn alleged Dean awoke, vomited and then threw her around nearly killing her. She also claimed he has attempted to strangle her multiple times over the course of their relationship.

In his newly filed divorce documents, Dean claims Jenn DeLeo‘s cheating allegations are false, and insists that he has been clean and sober from drugs and alcohol since 2013. As for Jenn‘s claim that Dean once took their daughter into the ocean while he was drunk, he says it’s a lie.

Dean attached declarations from his teenage son, ex-wife and current girlfriend, all of whom vouch for him as a dad with a strong bond with his kids.

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS‘ self-titled seventh studio effort was released on March 16 and is the band’s first with new singer Jeff Gutt.

Gutt made his live debut with the band last November in Los Angeles.

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS recently joined forces with BUSH and THE CULT for the “tri-headlining” “Revolution 3 Tour”.
STONE TEMPLE PILOTS Guitarist Fires Back At Estranged Wife
STONE TEMPLE PILOTS Guitarist Fires Back At Estranged Wife