Amazon’s store expansion is beyond perfect for introverts

Amazon Go is basically a dream come true for introverts. The cashierless shops allow customers to load up on snacks and walk out without the hassle of standing in line as the store sends a bill later.

While Seattle and Chicago are already living the dream, Amazon is currently considering a plan to open upwards of 3,000 cashierless stores over the course of the next few years, according to AdAge.

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Essentially using your smartphone as a pass, shoppers must swipe their device at a turnstile in order to enter the store. After grabbing whatever your heart desires, customers then leave without stopping at a cashier as sensors detect what has been selected and later sends a bill.

Currently, Amazon Go has three locations in Seattle, Washington and one in Chicago, the latter of which just opened this week.

The first Seattle location opened in 2016, and it is one of two that have a small selection of groceries in addition to the limited options of salads, sandwiches and snacks all of the stores have.

While the retail giant is discussing the idea to expand, the challenge lies in the high cost to open each location. The initial store’s hardware alone cost more than $1 million, according to AdAge.

According to AdAge, an anonymous source revealed Amazon is considering a plan to open about 10 Amazon Go locations by the end of the year. They will then look to open 50 more in major cities next year and and up to 3,000 total by 2021.

The source reveals Amazon is looking to target areas with young, busy residents who are willing to shell out a bit more cash for higher quality food delivered at the pace of a typical fast food restaurant.


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Amazon’s store expansion is beyond perfect for introverts
Amazon’s store expansion is beyond perfect for introverts