Interview with Homicide Hagridden

Hi! Tell me about your band and what kind of previous experience do you have as musicians?

The band was founded in 1994, the founder is Stefano (brother / drummer / producer). Having the same passion and interest in the type of music, I joined him with two other friends who had the same musical background, we initially played cover just to learn more about instruments, playing covers of Metallica, Iron Maiden, our heroes as kids.
We immediately started to feel the need to say something of our own and we started composing the first songs. The band is initially called Death Slaughter, because all the bands were competing for those who had the strongest name at that time (laughs) … we immediately changed to Homicide Hagridden to have our own identity and to be able to say in the lyrics what we wanted to say.
Over time we recorded several demo tapes, 5 records, participated in different compilations, played with monsters like Kreator, Napalm Death, Samael and many others.
I can say that the natural place of the band is the stage and that is the place we feel good.
Stefano and I have always and only worked together for Homicide Hagridden, then he and Fabio (guitarist) play in a band called KRAASTON, Valerio (bass player) also plays with ENISUM band atmosphere / black.

Hi and thanks for this interview first of all … Homicide Hagridden

You are welcome, and thanks to you.

Why did you pick your band name? How did you form? Why did you decide to play the genre or genres you do?

See … I write the lyrics of the band, remember that when we started playing there was already the controversy on the bands labeled as political, religious and similar …
I wanted a way to freely say what I thought without having to justify every time this thing or that thing, I have always considered this speech boring … my brother one day proposed Homicide Hagridden, sounded good, embodied the mood of the band and we decided to call the band in this way.
We were four guys who wanted to play louder than everyone and faster than everyone, in our city Turin existed already known bands and we wanted to play with them, I admired them because they were bands that already did tours and we wanted it, over the years We became friends.
Metal is not a musical genre in my opinion, I have always thought that it’s a lifestyle, a religion, you play this music because you have it inside, it’s blood at 1000 degrees, if you do not let it out devours you.

What can you tell us about your latest record?

The album is the natural evolution of our previous work “US” has a better production and we have composed songs that are more musically researched, less instinctive.
They have great potential live and this give us a lot of satisfaction.
It speaks of the test that was carried out in the USA years ago and that was called Effect Lucifero, no judgment about it, no criticism.
I write the lyrics of the band and I did it immediately after reading the book about it.

What the kind of album feedbacks are you waiting for?

All musicians would like to see their work appreciated by a large audience, you can not lie about it, but first of all if you write music you do it to make sense of your feelings,  what you have inside, then if the audience appreciates is a great thing.

Are you gonna to make some world tour in the future? Do you think this is available for everybody option to tour around the globe? What do you think band have to do to get such opportunity?

Touring is not easy, especially for small bands some things must get stuck and it’s not easy, we’ll do everything we can for sure.
Not everyone can afford it … big names dominate the field and carving out a slice of audience is not easy given the huge number of bands around.
Personally I have seen many live bands that do not tell me too much, but they have a very big big economic potential and they can do what they want, others that deserve so much but that are not noticed and pushed …
Money is the basis of this business, who he does not say he is a liar.

Do you believe in heavy music scene without money?

No i don’t.

What do you think about online music sharing? Do you ever give your music away for free? Why?

you see…
I have read dozens of articles about it
there are choices to make
if you make music for fun and you want to distribute it for free it’s fine
if your music is your job you can’t do it, especially in a compressed and competitive business
recording records has a cost
doing tours has a cost
everything has a cost
if you do not have any income it becomes impossible to move forward

It’s bad to say but the bands are small businesses if you do not work you’re dead.

Who are your musical influences? Have you ever think your band could be so famous as your favorites?

Personally Slayer, Metallica, Death… but Ozzy, Helloween, Maiden too … I listen tons of bands and music.

Be famous like them? Impossible, no one can think this today.

Do you have a formal music education? Do you think it’s a Kind of important thing?

my teacher when I was a kid taught only Italian songs
7 major chords and 7 minor chords …
I would break my balls (laughs)
I was already listening to those bands so I bought the records and I learned by listening and playing, what I can play comes from them …
today the kids have other points of reference, they are all very technically good but they do not have the freshness and spontaneity that music requires in my opinion …that’s why is all flat see big makeup on faces,hair shaved,great leather pants only (serious)

if I listen to Dave Murray I still get emotional today, if I listen to John Petrucci I say he has a huge technique, there’s a huge difference in my opinion
even if i like Petrucci

How do you balance your music with other obligations – mate, children, job?

Isn’t simple… what I can’t do in the daylight i do at night.

How do you handle mistakes during a performance? Or you can assure there are no any mistakes during your gigs? Do you get nervous before a performance or a competition?

Mistakes happen

I try to always give my best, sometimes for many reasons I’m not at my best, singing and playing brings problems sometimes,
but I have to give more than the maximum, the guys under the stage deserves more and more all the times.
Of course yes always nervous,always,i am preparing for the audience can’t be calm!!!

What’s next? Thank you!

Hope to see you on tour to share music and energy!!!!
Thanks for your time by the band too !!! HORNS UP!!