NECROART announce an important change of line up

A.Caos (former guitarist of the nekrodoom band Malasangreand noiser in the electro-industrial project RBMK) is the new member of the band. With several years’ experience  inside the northern Italy extreme underground, his synthesizers, drones and rituals will send Necroart music into dark and esoteric atmospheres.

The frontman Max Wound says “I’ve always wanted him in our project but for many reasons it was not possible…The time is now, this is a new era for Necroart…Let the ritual begin!!!”

Necroart are out recently with the NEW Full lenght CAINO via THE GOATMANCER RECORDS.

M.Wound – pain and invocations
D.Phlegethon – strings
F.Mourn – strings
D.Cancer – low freq.
A.Caos -rituals and drones
P.Hammer – blasts and rythms