Interview with SOUL OF STEEL

Hi! Tell me about your band and what kind of previous experience do you have as musicians?

Hi everybody there! We are a prog-power metal band, and we official play music since 2008. From this year (2019) we’ve refreshed a lot our line-up so there are still drummer and voice, with other new old friend of music circuit in our journey under this moniker. We have such different and personal experiences in our life, but our friendship and love for music tie us all!

Why did you pick your band name? How did you form? Why did you decide to play the genre or genres you do?

Our band was as a purely power metal band, made up of boys just adults, who after so many struggles made their way in the difficult Italian metal scene. We can affirm and confirm that we literally own a soul of steel to strive this journey from the beginning! The genre that basically united us was power-progressive metal and classic heavy, but we just didn’t want to be absolutely a pure copy of someone else, and always try to be able to dare something of ours with time and experience.

What can you tell us about your latest record?

We can only tell you that it rocks very hard! It sounds a little different from the last… but you can ear our style! This new album would be a brand new path in our carrier, and with our new line-up we will able to do much more than the past! So, this is only the beginning guys!!!

What the kind of album feedbacks are you waiting for?

As long as we play our music, we wish us the best we can get, it’s quite our common thought… Surely, we can dare a little more with our new label, Revalve Records, and their partners… so our state of mind it’s the same, but we want to take a little high our feedback around the world.

Are you gonna to make some world tour in the future? Do you think this is available for everybody option to tour around the globe? What do you think band have to do to get such opportunity?

Have a world tour, damn, we can’t imagine what the hell would be! So… yes, it’s our dream.. Nowaday it’s probably more easy to connect the entire globe and with the right management and collaborators we think it’s pretty much possible for everybody… but it always depends on the crowd feedback… so, we wish we could plan a world tour someday, in the future to come, and for that, we need all your support!

Do you believe in heavy music scene without money?

At today not yet! But it depends only on what kind of goal you reach… We have a lot of mates witch do this art only for them benefits and soul pleasure; these kind of people represent the pure concept of artist, and we respect at all! But as we mentioned before, music is also a business, probably the best that we could choose!

What do you think about online music sharing? Do you ever give your music away for free? Why?

Sharing music online it’s not only illegal, but also an offence, abuse, insult for all of us! We spend a lot of money and time and mind work that is such frustrating thinking someone could use your work for free… Would you not pay a burger man or a taxi? It’s all crazy… On the other hand, we all know that internet has changed the entire world, and also music, in positive and negative feedbacks ok, but this is the world today… and we have to considering it a massive important aspect of music business, and the entire music world have to adapt on this new way, for music benefits indeed!

Who are your musical influences? Have you ever think your band could be so famous as your favorites?

We have so much different musical extraction, as mentioned before, we can handle and use many influences when we compose our stuff, like classical music, hard n heavy, jazz and pop, so it’s a funny and freaky time everytime we make some music, and we have big fun! We all dream to reach the top and be with our favourites, but we think is the dream of all musician, because it’s the power inside that move all…

Do you have a formal music education? Do you think it’s a Kind of important thing?

All of us have more or less music education… Some attended jazz studies for specialization, some classical studies, some multistyle an by the way… so, yes, we think that it is important, because it’s always better to have it than not, even more in these days that competition is very tough!

How do you balance your music with other obligations – mate, children, job?

We were born to make music, and since we were children it has become a substantial part of our daytime and life in general… So, it’s natural for all of us to take our time for music and for other things, but obviously It’s not easy when you grow older and have other obligations, so we wanna thanks our families and partners for the patience and support!

How do you handle mistakes during a performance? Or you can assure there are no any mistakes during your gigs? Do you get nervous before a performance or a competition?

It’s quite normal to make mistakes, it’s the essence of a live performance, because it’s not an album, a cd you put in the player… Sure, we were also in a state of nervousness mixed with’s a big deal when you take this road.. you can’t live without.. But when a musician do something wrong in a live performance, it all depends on his experience how he can manage that situation… for us Is natural to hide as much as possible.. it’s very important you can’t show your nervousness when it happens, and consider that a part of the show that could happen… nothing so wrong at all!

What’s next? Thank you!

We are planning our autumn/winter tour… so stay tuned on our official website and social network pages!!! Thank you for the support and place here on musicworld!!! SOS Rulez!!!